A little about Buenos Aires

Posted in Buenos Aires at 8:16 pm by Jackson Lee

You might be wondering what I´ve been up to in Buenos Aires for the last 6 weeks.

Living Like a Porteñol

I arrived via the somewhat casual travel services of Aerolineas Argentina, caught the bus into the city and made my way to ‘Hostel Suits Palermo’ where I would spend the next few days acclimatising and getting to know this enormous city.

Where shit gets done!

Congresso – Where shit gets done!

Hostel Suits Palermo was my first real taste of the social magic of hostels. I met some interesting people including a couple of kiwis blokes trying to do something new everyday of there 12 month trip around the world. This included swimming in one of BsAs city fountains (at a major intersection), piercing body parts, not sleeping for 3 days, travelling with a Swedish female rock band etc etc.

Using craigslist.org, I checked out a couple of places to stay and ultimately decided to live with one of the guys from Ultimate Frisbee, mostly because his apartment had a good study environment (minus the construction crew next door). Located between the hip suburb of Palermo (population 225,000), a huge beautiful park (which, oddly, has a area designated for transvestite to congregate at night – I know, nasty huh!) and the pram-pushing suburb of Belgrano, the apartment has been the perfect place to begin this trip of South America. My humble abode pictured below.

Weather of the gods

The first thing you should know about Buenos Aires is it is hot. Beautifully hot. Not humid hot where walking out of air-conditioning is like slipping into the camp fire but sunny, smile-inducing, girls-have-every-excuse to show of their curves, hot. And its sunny – it rains when you want it to – which is about once a week and there is often a soothing breeze which works as a reminder to put a paper-weight on the newspaper during your afternoon siesta. This city has the best weather of any place I’ve been.

City Biking Touring

No arguments here, cycling is the best way to see this city (and perhaps all cities). Get on a bike…. More to come


I’m hooked by this beautiful and sophisticated dance. If you never enjoy a warm evening watching Tango over a drop of Mendoza Vino then then please punch yourself in the face. Mid-dance, you will catch yourself with a wider, warmer smile than you had when you first realised girls like sex too.

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  1. Nana said,

    February 26, 2009 at 7:37 pm

    Have just read both your birthday and this blog today. Really enjoyed both along with photos. Presumably you are now in Bolivia so all the best for that trip and we look forward to reading about it. Love Nana

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