Birthday 31 – Half way to 62

Posted in Buenos Aires at 8:51 pm by Jackson Lee

Last week my age flipped over again. Birthdays, I´m told, are a big deal in Argentina. An America who has lived here in Buenos Aires for the last 10 years recounted to be that often on his birthdays people he hardly knows (i.e. someone meet on a plane) will ring and congratulate him. And if a birthday party is organised, its more than likely that anyone that can turn up, will turn up.

My birthday was a pretty quiet afair. I decided to take the not-tell-people approach as I felt uncomfortable with celebrating “myself” with people that I don´t really know. Wrong or right decision….?

Dinner last Thursday night (i.e. the night of the 19th) got started at midnight, which meant it was on my birthday (Friday the Feb 20th) so the guy I am staying with cooked up some birthday food (see photo below).

Birthday Pie

This was followed by a entertaining night out in Palermo at a bar with excellent taste in music (Pink Floyd). There were several casualties from the 10 Peso (US$3 buck) bottle of Gin. Incidentally, alcohol is rediculiously cheap here (unless purchased in bar). Saturday rolled around with a intense, “my dentist would be proud of giving me” headache hangover. Luckily, we play Utlimate on Saturday and the Argentines love to sing birthday songs in groups which was both good-fun and nervous-system testing at the same time.

I´ve been writing some post which havn´t been posted yet. The journey out of Buenos Aires into South America (heading towards Bolivia 1st) begins in the next week.


  1. Heidi Nixon said,

    February 25, 2009 at 2:04 am

    Hey Mate….
    A big hug and a kiss for the 20th….would you believe I mentioned to Tommy it was your birthday, but I didnt know how to get hold of you….SO BIG HUGS FROM TOMMY AND MOI!
    All the best with the travel…I am sure you are having a ball!
    Take care,

  2. Briza said,

    December 21, 2015 at 12:49 pm

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