Buenos Aires – The Beginning

Posted in Buenos Aires at 2:38 am by Jackson Lee

Learning what is actually possible in life verses what we pursaude ourselves is possible is a journey that is worth more than any cheesy Mastercard advert. Two weeks in Buenos Aires has shown me a bit of that.

What, I asked myself, was I doing playing a epic game of Pictionairy at 7:00am on Sunday morning with a room full of Porteño´s (people of Buenos Aires)? Specking Spanish was the least of my problems, keeping fuelled on caffeine to stay awake was paramount – alcohol was not an option. Amougst a few moments of luck, the 4 hour game was hilarious mostly due to the good nature of the hosts.

Turns out that people in Buenos Aires simple don´t sleep all that much – specially on weekends. I´m told that it is common for porteños to see the Sunday sun come up. House parties, usually get started after 1am and nightclubs open there doors at 2am.  Last week, I saw a woman getting a haircut at 3am and 15 or 16 yo girls throwing a bag of flour at each other sometime after midnight. Dog walking is hugely popular around 1am.

It will be a long time before I happily find mysel home early because the pillow was calling or the world around me told me so. If the Porteño Argentine´s think sleeping is overrated then I sure as hell don´t have a good argument against them. Vivo ahora, no mañana.

Recent economic collapse, military dictatorship, insanely passionate soccer fans, the Falklands war (Guerra de las Malvinas), ridiculously poor dietary choice (think meat x infinity), beautiful people, incredible weather and a romantic language - welcome to Buenos Aires.