Posted in Bolivia at 11:26 pm by Jackson Lee

There isn’t much to Cochabamba. Stuck helplessly without historical sights, an uninspired population and a much more attractive surrounding countryside Cochabamba is best left out of a busy travelers itinerary. It surprised me how many people I meet who were ‘stuck’ in Cochabamba, for various reasons, and were miserable about it.


Like many night buses in South America we arrived into the city late into the night. Warned by the nervous looking bus attendant that the bus station was in a extremely dangerous neighborhood we chose to sleep on the bus until sunrise. Its a strange feeling to wake up 2 inches from a strangers face – its considerable more strange for this to happen on a stationary bus.


Since leaving Buenos Aires at the start of the month I had been traveling as the wind blew and was feeling the urge to stop for a while. The South America backpacker trial runs vertically along both of the continents coasts. The advantage with this is every hostel has someone who has freshly come from your next destination – which means travel ideas and plans are made with the help of someone in the know. With enthusiastic encouragement from Shoval the dreadlocked Israeli and Steffen the modern German hippy my next destination was a wildlife refuge in the Bolivia jungle.


I wasn’t to know it at the time, but one month from now I would return to Cochabamba with a horde of mosquito bites, a few impressive scars, a fresh perspective on life and a new great mate with four legs.


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