Córdoba – Cultural Capital Of The America’s

Posted in Northern Argentina at 5:01 pm by Jackson Lee

Cordoba is described as the cultural capital of the Americas (yes, that includes the US). With a population of 1.5 million, it is no small scratch on the landscape and with 7 universities, it has a thriving, hormonally challenged student population (roughly 10% of the total) and a amazon-like jungle of bars and nightclubs.

Founded a bloody long time ago (1573) by an enthusiastic Spaniard, Cordoba is Argentina’s second largest city and has the perfect contrast from the intensely population streets of Buenos Aires.

Like Buenos Aires, Salta is also stacked by a hurtful amount of dangerously beautiful women. Downtown is an easy to negotiate grid of city blocks intersected by rolling hills and a few bodies of water.

For fellow nerds out there – I found a cafe where a couple dozen old fella’s were playing chess over glasses of beer and coffee. Their banter kept me smiling for blocks after (… nunca, nunca, nunca…). I also stumbled across a Taiwanese owned takeaway and enjoyed a slice of the Orient.

Interesting fact for the day – Chile is the longest country (4300km) in the world, apparently it is 30 kilometers longer than Russia. In case you are also wondering, no one has walked the length of Chile – probably because of the extreme weather variations found in the Northern deserts and Southern tip.

Politics and religion have a tight relationship in South America. The topic of Abortion was raised last night and I learned some interesting realities of Chile and Argentina. Basically, Abortion is not legal. Divorce only recently became legal in Chile. The Chilian I was speaking to mentioned that of his group of friends (around his age of 30), 70% regularly attend Church on Sundays. Obviously there is a lot more to learn as I feel like learning about these topics will give interesting insight into the midset of South America people.

One of the local Ultimate players did a survey of the 20 different hostels in Cordoba, his conclusion was that the people (Diego) who run Morado Hostel have the best attitude and setup. Blind, internet search engine, luck got me there. I definitely recommend this place if you head this way.

Hostel’s are random places. Being flexible is the best way to ride the eclectic wave of events in even given 24 hours (why hasn’t anyone done a reality TV on a hostel?) in a hostel. This morning I found myself exchanging stories with Norm and his wife from Southern California – they celebrated there golden jubilee together last year in New Zealand (and were both born in 1930).

Sitting around last Wednesday night after midnight (which, it is worth mentioning, is treated more like 9pm by Argentines) we noticed a pile of musical instruments start to form on the rooftop patio.

Couple hours later, the band ‘Relay’ completed their setup and started a 3am to 4am concert for the small group of Hostel backpackers who were still awake at that time. There music is a mix of hard and punk rock and it was loud. Loud enough to keep anyone trying to sleep in the Hostel awake not to mention the surrouding neighborhood. Are people from Cordoba lunatics?

Apparently not, as the police (or noise control) didn’t show up to shut things down. The lead singer, is the duty manage for the night shift, which raises many interesting questions about how South Americans see life and free-heartedly prioritize living passionately over living reasonably.

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