Ultimate Buenos Aires Styles

Posted in Buenos Aires at 3:15 am by Jackson Lee

Ultimate has been in Buenos Aires for the last 10 years. For the first 8 years of its history, the sport barely registered above ‘lightning catching’ on the local sport popularity charts. In the last 2 years, things has taken a sharp turn and Argentina has now proudly sent a representative team to Columbia and to the sands of Remini, Italy. It is at this exciting time that I arrived.

Having succumbed to the addiction of chasing frisbee’s at an early age, on arriving in Buenos Aires I quickly found myself making friends with the people in the local ultimate scene. Having succumbed to enjoying the sound of my own voice, also from a earlier age, I found myself doing a bit of coaching.

Argentina has no shortage of excellent athletes (think Diego Maradona, Puma’s Rugby), passionate individuals and competitive energy. Coaching such people is as rewarding as throwing a shoe at a 2nd-rate president. There are few times in life when all the pieces full together, but in the past six weeks all the energy I’ve put into Ultimate has been truly rewarding and has given much more back to me. Thanks ‘Discor Sur’!

I was honoured, at my last playing day, with the following poem: –

This is an ode to an Ultimate Frisbee master

One who inspires us in practice to run and throw faster

Who day after day his wisdom does impart

Who upon seeing a banana cut his heart does infarct

One who from his hands the Frisbee does not slip

One who is a huge fan of the Super Power Grip

This man hails from New Zealand, land of the kiwi

Is it just coincidence that this rhymes with Frisbee?

Perhaps not, perhaps it ‘tis fate and destiny…

That in the flight of the disc, he would feel his remedy

To boredom, to sadness, to all things melancholy

Perhaps it is the secret behind his countenance so jolly

Today we thank thee Jackson, for giving of yourself

For dusting off the books of knowledge on your frisbee shelf

And opening them up for one and all to see

To help each one of us to in practive be

The best that we can do, and even more

It doesn’t really matter if we’re gonna be sore

Because together we strive for excellence and glory

To be a part of the neverending story

That started way back in ‘68

And since then has carried on a straight

Path through the hearts and souls of many

It has been a sport both joyous and uncanny

It captivated you, it captivated me…

Heck, it even captivated DD

So, Jackson, we wish you a muy buen trip

On our radar screen your presence here has not been a blip

But much much more than that, you have entered our heart

Of Disco Sur history and present you are now a big part…

You may leave now, but your grand presence lingers

We’ll remember you each time as we adjust our fingers

But enough is enough, I’m rambling like a whacko

Buen viaje, adios, hasta pronto Jacko

By Stephen Camilli


  1. Onehunga relatives said,

    March 2, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    All it needs is some music.

  2. Nana said,

    March 2, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    Great to read this Jackson- some warm fuzzies are good at the right times.Nana

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