Ciao Roy

Posted in Bolivia at 4:00 pm by Jackson Lee

Walking up the road, away from parque Machia, towards the village bus station I start to feel overwhelmed. I’ve said goodbye to my trusty boots, dropped my torn jungle clothes in the second hand pile and shook the hands of new friends. My diary is full with contacts, notes and memories. I’m on the verge of tears. I feel attached to this place – the animals, the cause, the way of life…but part of exploring the world as a traveler is knowing when to move on…

Roy Young Playing in River

Thanks for having me. I’ve loved it. It’s been defining. It’s changed me. I’m a better person… I’ll miss you. You’re amazing. I won’t forget you… but for now, the road beckons… goodbye everyone, goodbye Roy.

King Roy 2009

The puma is a symbol of strength and stealth in the Americas. For millenniums the Indigenous cultures across the continent have honoured the large cat with ceremony, ceramics and folk lore. The puma is everything Latin – it is of the land – it is fierce and independent – it represents its uniqueness – and it lives in the hearts of the people. In a small town in the Bolivian jungle, Inti Wara Yassi and its volunteers work with these special animals – ensuring their well being and respecting them with the honour they inspire in a culture.

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